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Puppetsburg Protagonist Clementine

What makes us the best puppet show in NYC

What does a kid's show with puppets entail? How we craft unique, fun puppet shows for toddlers and babies


Puppetsburg does interactive, culturally relevant puppet shows for 4mos-4yrs. Our shows are 45 minutes long and involve dancing, instruments, dress-up "photo-ops," and bubble time (!) followed by a different puppet story each week.

Meet Our Puppets

Get to know our cast of handmade puppet characters including Clementine, a hipster who always carries a plush camera for "instagram-esque photos," Piggy B, a pig with blue glasses and an "over-it" look on his face, and Rex, who's favorite animal is a T-Rex like the one he wears on his shirt and more!


Regularly exploring concepts like counting, simple vocabulary, hygiene, and hipster culture, Puppetsburg is a uniquely contemporary puppet show that is entertaining for infants, toddlers, and parents alike.

Cultural and On-Trend

Puppetsburg exposes munchkins to all kinds of cultural elements as well, preparing them to be on-trend New York and world citizens. Puppetsburg also offers exclusively-infant shows for the pre-walking crowd.

Ingenious and Imaginative

“As an experienced child therapist who has for many years marveled at the potency of puppets, I would absolutely recommend Puppetsburg as a vehicle for healthy child development. It's ingenious and imaginative use of puppets and storytelling helps children to acquire interactive skills, facilitates communication, develops fine motor skills, and promotes problem-solving abilities. Puppets allow children to feel safe while exploring the magical realm of imagination."
--Shelby Morgan, LMFT, RPTT-S

Who We Are

The Puppet Masters
Puppetsburg Party Pig

Puppetsburg Photo Gallery

Our weekly dress-up #photo-op corresponds to that week's theme! Keep that social media fresh, y'all.

“Sameer started Puppetsburg when he was only a few months old... two years later, it is still a highlight of his week. He has absolutely loved how silly, fun and interactive the class is - and I love watching him dance, sing and give huge hugs to his puppet friends. I appreciate that Sarah has created a creative class that takes inspiration from our amazing neighborhood and truly grows with her students. I can't recommend it highly enough!”
~Lisa and Sameer (2) and Jai (3 months)
“My 3yr old son Sebastian has been obsessed with Puppetsburg and Sarah for months! The show always opens with the song "Tap your Toes" which has become a staple in our household. He eagerly anticipates the show each week to find out what adventures his favorite puppet Clementine has in store. I have to admit, even I get a kick out of the unique plots... Its pretty cool that Sarah can come up with stories to entertain both the kids and the parents!”
~Lydia + Sebastian, 3yrs
“We were so pleased to have Puppetsburg come and be a part of our 'Bring Your Kids to Work' day at Etsy's Headquarters in Brooklyn. Sarah and company put on an original, engaging, and upbeat show that was great for our gaggle of younger kiddos. We especially loved the handmade puppets they used for their performance! I'm looking forward to having them back in the future!”
~Katie Rose + the children of Etsy! (1-6yrs)
“Sarah and Alex have created a truly magical experience, combining puppets, song, movement and learning in a wonderfully original and zany interactive experience. Our daughter lights up when we talk about Puppetsburg and all the fun characters she meets along the way.”
~Reshma + Plum, 1.5yrs
“My son, Levi, has been enjoying puppet shows with Sarah and her creative stories since he was 6 months old. Now two years later, Puppetsburg has become one of his favorite activities around town. The characters are creative and modern so kids and adults alike stay entertained. Because the stories are woven with activities, even a crazy toddler like mine stays involved. Sarah creates a warm and inviting environment where all the kids feel welcome and a part of the show - it's great fun!”
~Breyana + Levi, 2.5yrs


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