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In New York we offer a FRESH show w. new story, puppets, activities, + dress-up costume #photo-op each week!
NEW SEMESTER starts OCTOBER 21st! Sign up NOW!  

October 7th-12th: Treasure Map Show When we join Pirate for a day of adventures, we discover an ancient treasure map! This suspenseful show brings us to mystical creatures who inhabit a green CASTLE, a RED CARPET SOIREE, a purple mountain, and to a locked set of blue doors. Do we have what it takes to follow the map and see where it leads us? #problemsolving #oceanlivin’ #yarrr

October 14th-19th: Clem goes APARTMENT HUNTING! When her landlord raises rent $800, Clementine decides to explore various roommate possibilities. Meet FITNESS PIRATE who can't stop talking about his foam roller + alienates Clem by forbidding her to eat carbs, ROCK N' ROLL LION who practices drums ALL NIGHT LONG + might have a bit of a bedbug problem, and UNI THE INFLUENCER, who live streams the entire roommate interview and has more product sponsors than friends. Sammy the Snail's offer to crash on his couch is looking pretty good...#realtalk #realestate #overpopulation