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FRESH show w. new story, puppets, activities, + dress-up costume #photo-op each week!

Sat, August 18th: "The INSECT Show!" One of the coolest things about science is the TOOLS we get to use! Nets + magnifying glasses help us learn about the ways insects CONTRIBUTE to our world! Meet the bugs we interact with every day: flies, ladybugs, spiders, and more, and learn not to be afraid, but to understand what is amazing about the way they work! PLUS learn about TRANSFORMATION with our very own RuPaul!! Caterpillar to a Butterfly... #shoofly #soil #newgrowth

August 20th-26th: "The VIP Show!" Help Monster, Kitty, + Clem get ready for their big awards show! Kitty is going for a DIY fashion approach, Monster REALLY needs to get his eyeballs together, and Clem needs to start with the basics: brushing her teeth! Walk (or crawl) the red carpet, get STALKED by paparazzi, and help Clem figure out the perfect Red Carpet LEWK. And make sure to stick around...for the afterparty # #babysfirstsponsorboard #glitzandglamour #redcarpetinterviews