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FRESH show w. new story, puppets, activities, + dress-up costume #photo-op each week!


SPECIAL UPCOMING: Sunday, JULY 21st 4pm: "FARM DREAMS" Boozy show at 'The Wild!" Details below.

Saturday, July 13th: Bacchanalian GRECO-ROMAN Show: When we travel to ANCIENT GREECE, we become baby archaeologists and put together a shattered vase, and scale MOUNT OLYMPUS to meet some of our favorite Greek Goddesses! The show climaxes with an unforgettable Bacchanalian flower + grape ritual. Get ready to dress in togas and leaf-crowns, choose your own Greek God or Goddess mask, and experience ancient flute music like never before. #athena #babiesintogas #ancienthistory 

Week of July 15th: FARM DREAMS! Free the farm animals from the shackles of manual labor in this inspiring tale! Help Chicken walk the tightrope, help Piggy B find his true voice, and celebrate Old McDonald's surprising new chosen career... #youonlyliveonce #burlesque


Our SUNDAY FUNDAY events are SUPER FUN! $40 covers the WHOLE FAM (incl delicious wine!) if you purchase online ahead of time, or $50 covers the fam day-of.  CLICK HERE FOR TIX!